Retired Baptist Ministers Housing Organisation

Emergency Call out, Servicing and Repairs

We have arranged 24/7 emergency cover for our properties with gas-elec.

If you have an emergency such as flood, water leak, no heating or hot water, a gas leak, an electrical problem, blocked toilets or have a problem with your locks then you can call Gas-elec’s on call service. They will triage your call and where possible seek to resolve your problem over the phone but if the issue needs to be attended to immediately someone will come out to you. If the problem, can wait until normal working hours then they will arrange for an engineer to attend then.

The number to phone is 03300 577467.

At night and weekends the service is provided through PMS and calls are put through to them automatically. 

For the avoidance of doubt there is no need to phone Andy or Joe before you contact gas-elec. 

Boiler Servicing and Electrical Safety Checks

Gas-elec are now undertaking the servicing of boilers and heating systems, as well as electrical saftey tests for almost all our properties. They should contact you to arrange an appointment about a month before the service is due. Please do not arrange to have your servicing undertaken by anyone else.

Routine Repairs

Please contact Joe if you need any non-urgent repairs undertaken. Please do not arrange for the work to be done without speaking to him first unless it is internal decoration which you are responsible for.

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