Retired Baptist Ministers Housing Organisation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission under charity number 1177649

Choosing your home


Choosing your home

If the Organisation has an available house in the area you wish to live in we will arrange for you to have a look at this to see if it is suitable for you.

If it does not, then we will seek to purchase you a suitable house, usually of your own choice. Houses, bungalows or flats can all be considered. Flats do need careful consideration in light of possible service charges, which RBMHO cannot accept responsibility for.

RBMHO annually sets a ceiling price for the purchases of properties. In 2023 this is  £240,000.. 

If you want to and are able, you can raise the normal ceiling price and contribute to the cost of the property. This can be done through the Equity Share Scheme, the Interest Free Loan Scheme or the Rent Premium Scheme.

Applicants who have significant capital are required to contribute between 20 and 50% of the normal ceiling price allowing a maximum purchase price of £360,000 in 2023. Where equity is shared, the landlord's maintenance costs are shared proportionately between the tenant and RBMHO.

If an applicant makes an Interest Free Loan of up to 50% of the normal ceiling price, RBMHO will cover all the landlord's maintenance costs.

Our Rent Premium Scheme increases the ceiling price by a maximum of 50% to £360,000. A higher level of rent is charged to cover the cost asociated with the additional capital required.

For further information on these schemes please contact Andy Hughes