Retired Baptist Ministers Housing Organisation

What We Do

What we do

The foundations of RBMHO began nearly fifty years ago, due to concerns about housing for ministers in retirement. At this time many ministers had no prospects of being able to purchase their own homes in retirement. Previously known as the Retired Baptist Ministers Housing Society, its name was changed in January 2019 following registration with the Charity Commission (charity number 1177649).

The purpose of the Organisation is to provide housing for retired ministers and their spouses who would otherwise be unable to secure such accomodation from their own resources. The Organisation considers applications from ministers whose names are on the Accredited Lists of the Baptist Union and whose service has been for a period of not normally less than fifteen years, and from unaccredited minsters who have served acceptably in BU churches for a period not normally less than eighteen years. The rules of the Organisation mean missionaries who have served the Baptist Missionary Society can also qualify as tenants. There is however sufficient flexibility built into the rules to permit the Organisation's Trustees to exercise discretion for exceptional cases. 

RBMHO owns over 260 properties in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, homes where minsters and/ or their spouses can live in secure retirement, for which they pay only a modest rent.


'We cannot thank God enough for the invaluable and essential ministry of the RBMHO. Because of their practical and financial support, we are able to enjoy our retirement in our new home which we would have otehrwise been unable to afford.' (New tenants in 2023)


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